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Revista de Historia Social y de las Mentalidades (HS&M) was born in 1996 as an editorial proposal of the History Department of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile to contribute to the development of human sciences, mainly History. A local historiographic renovation marks its beginnings following the transition to democracy during the nineties, which placed historical studies in critical reflection of the present from the New Social History.

In its beginnings, the journal opted for social history of the post-Marxist matrix, with an evident interference of British historical sociology and sociocultural history of the third generation of Annales, becoming a niche journal with international impact. Today, it opens its pages to new contributions with new visions of analysis that arise from the historical dynamics, betting on new epistemic frameworks that promote multidisciplinary study but always keeping on its horizon its concern for the manifestations of social life.

In more than two decades of existence, we have published more than two hundred articles related to History and Social Sciences, incorporating approaches and methodologies that create links among different areas of knowledge, promoting collaborative work, and constructing local, regional and international research networks.

HS&M has an Editorial Board of excellence, responsible for ensuring the quality of the contributions it receives, transparency in the evaluation processes, and gender quotas both in its committees and in the indexes. All the work carried out over the years has allowed the journal to become a renowned editorial proposal, recognized by different regional and international indexing agencies.