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Making Politics. The role of the media in socio-political practice in Latin America. Centuries XIX-XXI

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The exercise of politics is related to the speeches and messages disseminated by the media. Leaders, parties, intellectuals, and characters linked to the exercise and political theory have circulated their words in pages, minutes, or images to reach the most significant possible number of recipients. This dossier analyzes this relationship and pays attention to the theoretical-methodological convergence and the turn of the information industry. From the initial point of the political press to the significance of this category, the issues show us the development of the information industry during the 20th century. The function of the new forms of linkage established the parties with communication. In this way, the different articles contribute with case studies, methodological studies, content analysis, or general reflections on the use of the media by politics, in addition, to rethink the historical meaning of the commercial press, the mass political press, and the militant press as an object-subject of study, as a political instrument or agent.


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